Episode 66 – Book Giveaway! Under God, Over the People!

In the episode, Michael and Cuatro interview Oliver Allmand-Smith, author of Under God, Over the People. Listen to hear how you can enter to win a free copy of this book. Available to US and Canada addresses only. His book, Under God, Over the People, will help you understand the role of government. Oliver’s Church … Read more

Commentaries on Ephesians: Kerux by Magee & Arthurs and Mentor Expository by Phillips (book review)

With this article, we are continuing our recurring series of reviews looking at notable commentaries on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Here we are looking at Magee and Arthurs contribution to Kregel’s Kerux Commentaries series and Richard D. Phillips’s entry in the Mentor Expository Commentary series.

Commentary on Ephesians: WBC by Lincoln (book review)

This important commentary on Ephesians comes to us from Andrew T. Walker as part of Zondervan’s Word Biblical Commentary series. Unfortunately, while Lincoln may be an accomplished scholar, his denial that the Apostle Paul actually wrote Ephesians affects the usefulness of this book for believing students of the Bible.

A Little Book on the Christian Life by John Calvin (book review)

A Little Book on the Christian Life I was surprised to find out how utterly readable John Calvin is when I first delved into reading him myself. As I stated (in other words) in my review of Simonetta Carr’s biography of Calvin, his immense contribution to Christianity made me think that somehow his writing would … Read more