Ep. 053 | Cuatro Preaches at the Fair

One of the most despised yet biblical methods of evangelism is public preaching. Even seasoned church-building preachers are afraid to try it and can be found treating it with scorn. In this episode, Michael asks Cuatro about some recent open-air preaching he has done and they discuss the effects. [content type=page name=subscribe-to-roundtable]  

Ep. 049 | Conley Owens and The Dorean Principle — TAU Roundtable

It gives us great joy to return to a roundtable episode with an interview with Conley Owens, author of The Dorean Principle. You can read or order the book at https://thedoreanprinciple.org What are your thoughts about money and ministry? Do you see a problem with the commercialization of Christianity? Conley believes historic Christianity has answers … Read more

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

If a person changes their life because they change their thinking, apart from salvation in Christ and the renewing of the Holy Spirit, (although those changes may be positive changes), it is not the church’s purpose to help people better their lives simply by better thinking. It is her purpose to preach God’s Word to people and let them fall under the conviction of the Holy Spirit where the only real helpful change to a soul occurs (Phil 3).

Go, Therefore: Family Worship

“Go, Therefore” posts are quick tips to help Christians live lives of evangelism. Family Worship As Evangelism Daily family worship ought to be observed by families for many reasons. To name a few: God is worthy to be worshipped, it is a way men ought to lead their homes, it’s good preparation for church, it … Read more

Psalm 96:10-13 God Will Judge!

Do you know that feeling when you start to tell someone about the Lord and you realize they do not already know Him? Do you get a pit in your stomach sometimes—a warning not to go there? Our natural response to difficulty is sometimes “flight.” Telling your neighbor that God will not only judge him or her but that God is right to do so can be frightening! It is no wonder we fail so many times in our evangelism—it is truly counter to our flesh’s desires for comfort!

Psalm 96: Introduction

Psalm 96 is a wonderful song written by David as part of a larger song of thanks which is introduced to us in 1 Chronicles 16. I was scheduled to preach a topical sermon at the 2020 Psalms & Worship conference in Canton, OH on the topic of “Worship in Evangelism,” and I thought Psalm … Read more

Are You Reaching Out To Your Neighbors?

Last week, new neighbors moved into the house across the street from us. I wrote them a note and I thought other people may benefit from it. If you are not actively trying to reach your neighbors with the gospel, why not? What is holding you back? Here is the letter. Feel free to copy … Read more

Go, Therefore: Christmas Cards

But the month of December is still a special month for most. The secular and religious alike buy trees and presents and send greeting cards to one another. This is your chance! Buy (or design) a Christmas card with a gospel message and give it to everyone you can. Even if you give people a card with only a Bible verse printed on it like Luke 2:11 or Matthew 1:21, that’s a good start.