Quick Thoughts on Bethel Redding California

Bad Theology Take Here’s a screenshotted FB post where someone quoted Kris Vallotton (from Bethel Redding) saying that the church must demonstrate the miraculous works of Christ. It is clearly implied that this is what allows nonbelievers to experience repentance. Additionally, the “judge not” card is being played against anyone who would judge people for … Read more

Catechize Yo’ Babies

One of the foundational principles of the Reformed™ Christian religion is the use of catechisms. A catechism is defined by the Google “definition box” as: Catechism: a summary of the principles of Christian religion in the form of questions and answers, used for the instruction of Christians. This is a pretty solid definition and one … Read more

John Berridge’s Advice to Gospel Preachers

John Berridge was born in 1716 to a wealthy farmer who hoped Berridge would follow in his footsteps. Instead, Berridge became a minister due to his natural giftedness in reading and scholarly endeavors. Yet, he was not converted until after he became vicar of Everton in Bedfordshire, England in 1755. J.C. Ryle notes that “As … Read more

Psalm 96:10-13 God Will Judge!

Do you know that feeling when you start to tell someone about the Lord and you realize they do not already know Him? Do you get a pit in your stomach sometimes—a warning not to go there? Our natural response to difficulty is sometimes “flight.” Telling your neighbor that God will not only judge him or her but that God is right to do so can be frightening! It is no wonder we fail so many times in our evangelism—it is truly counter to our flesh’s desires for comfort!

Psalm 96: Introduction

Psalm 96 is a wonderful song written by David as part of a larger song of thanks which is introduced to us in 1 Chronicles 16. I was scheduled to preach a topical sermon at the 2020 Psalms & Worship conference in Canton, OH on the topic of “Worship in Evangelism,” and I thought Psalm … Read more

7 Ps for Better Preaching

Anyone who faithfully preaches God’s Word always desires to grow in his ability to communicate Scripture’s timeless truths. Preaching the Bible is a high calling and tremendous privilege. It is a task reserved for qualified men, and it is means of grace for Christ’s church that must never be treated flippantly. I’ve only been preaching … Read more