When Should We Officially Ditch a Christian Content Creator?

The change of scenery is nice, I’ll admit, but going on “vacation” with four kids under 7 is not really a vacation per se. Zombie Town When most people imagine vacations, they think of relaxing on the beach, going to Disney World, or camping. What we experienced recently was more like an elongated school field … Read more

Why We Should Have Seeker Sensitive Churches

I can’t really document the dates so well, but I think most will generally agree that at the turn of the century the “Seeker Sensitive” movement was in full gear. This movement’s mantra is, essentially, that churches should be designed for seekers. In my own state of Arkansas, I hear a lot of talk about … Read more

Polyamory and a Jealous God

One of the ways we proclaim our great Savior to the world is through the institution of marriage. Marriage is a picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church (Ephesians 5:32). We reflect God’s faithfulness, mercy, and love when we love our spouse the way He has commanded us. A natural question proceeds from our … Read more

Careful With Your Mocking: STTA!

Something to think about!

Something To Think About! There is no excuse for mocking someone’s God-given looks, disabilities or impediments, or incidental things like the name their parents’ gave them. It is not only ungodly behavior, but it is ineffective even from a pragmatic point of view. It sends the wrong message to anyone we are trying to convince … Read more

Should You Attend a Catholic Wedding or Funeral?

It’s a question which many Christians face: Should I attend my friend or family member’s Catholic wedding or funeral? Is that the same as being unequally yoked with non-believers? What if someone there gets the wrong idea about what I believe? Does my presence there validate the religion? Here’s my opinion, and I promise, it’s … Read more

Are We Against Santa or For Truth?

“Do you know what your daughter did?” my in-laws asked me. They were clearly quite concerned and disappointed in her. Knowing my daughter’s behavioral issues, I readied myself for the worst. “She told her cousins Santa Claus isn’t real,” they said. Phew! I breathed a sigh of relief. My daughter hadn’t done anything wrong. In … Read more