Sundays Are For Training

I graduated from High School and Bible College with adequate grades. I tried, but I didn’t exactly over-exert myself, to be honest. “Coasting” was probably the right word for it. I learned enough and enjoyed the classes I enjoyed and got through the classes I needed to get through. Regrets Not a day goes by … Read more

Love Hopes All Things

Forgive this post ahead of time. I don’t want you to feel dizzy. I’m truly wrestling here, friend. I’m sifting, filtering, nuking thoughts as they enter my mind. Here’s where we’ll begin: What now? This is the question I keep asking myself as I watch our Evangelical “Leaders” (some who are near and dear to … Read more

“The Send” Was A Satanic Assault On The Great Commission

We believe this day, something will transfer and bring us into, I believe, worldwide transition into the greatest Jesus movement we have ever seen. Lou Engle “The Send” was an all-day conference that launched Saturday, February 23rd and featured Benny Hinn, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Todd White, Heidi Baker, Francis Chan, and many others. According … Read more

Here and There: A Truly Ridiculous Christian Parody Video, James MacDonald Fired, Praying for Slow Church Growth, The Chibok Girls Sing To Jesus

In “Here and There,” we’ll take a brief look at some things I like, random and important news in the Evangelical, political, and sports world. It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these, so here we go. In this edition of “Here and There”: A Ridiculous Parody video James MacDonald is FIRED Pray for … Read more

Contentment or Bust — Part 1

Super Mario Strikers was a totally underrated video game back in the day. It was nuts. It was basically Super Mario Kart on a soccer field, sans cart, which, if you ask me and my friends was perfecto [insert Italian finger kiss]. You collected shells and bananas that you could trip up your opponent with, … Read more

What To Do When The Bible Becomes Tiresome

A Pastor by the name of Tom Patton recently told a story about a time he was in seminary and the school president preached a message on the importance of God’s Word from Psalm 19. During the message he spoke about a very large, sixteenth century Bible that he had seen and held. When he … Read more