Advent 2022 – Free Family Devotionals

The Word Christmas is not in the Bible. Never once does Paul, or Peter, or James, or any of New Testament tell us that we must celebrate the birth of Christ. In fact, sometimes we must lament some of what Christmas has come to mean to many people. To many, it is a time merely … Read more

Unintended Consequences (audio)

This is the audio edition of “Unintended Consequences,” the written edition of which we originally published in September of 2018. You can go back and read it if you wish or just enjoy the audio edition. If you haven’t subscribed to the audio edition already, you’re missing out! Things Above Us Audio Edition audio narration … Read more

A Change of Heart, ch. 1 — Heart Matters

For the last year+ I’ve been working on a new book, A Change of Heart: Understanding Regeneration and Why it Matters. Now that I’ve finally completed my M.Div, I’ve taken this project back up again. I thought I would share the first two chapters in a series of blog posts with our readers. I hope you’re edified … Read more

An Empty Seat on Christmas

I want you to consider your Christmas activities. For some of you, Christmas is a day filled with presents and joy, worshipping God, and visiting with loved ones. Maybe you’ve saved for months to get your children that perfect gift. My wife is making me one of my favorite meals (lengua tacos) as a gift … Read more

Book Review: A Call to Pure Worship

Pastor Meadows created something I really needed in this explanation of the Regulative Principle of Worship: clarity, conciseness, and a direct explanation of the doctrine.

Abounding Love

The Apostle Paul told the Phillippians that his prayer for them was that their love would abound more and more with knowledge and all discernment. If the Lord inspired Paul to pray for these saints this way and record it for us, I think we ought to know what it means for our love to … Read more

From the Mailbag: “Judge Not”

A woman contacted us through our contact us form and expressed some concerns with an article Justin wrote about The Send. I believe her assertions and my responses could be helpful to you, so here they are. For the sake of the post, I’ll call her Holly. Hi, Hope you’re well.  God loves you just … Read more

Worship Me

Older generations like to make fun of all the selfies millennials take, and to an extent, that’s warranted. However, the selfie generation in America was here much earlier than the 1980s. The god of self didn’t come along with the iPhone. The iPhone is a fruit of idol worship, not the root of it.

The key attribute of the god of self is autonomy. Essentially autonomony means that “I get to do what I want because I am me. There is no one more important than me. In fact, you can’t spell awesome without ME” (I know, Taylor Swift song reference).

God’s Unborable Holiness – Part 1

*The following is an adapted excerpt from Before the Throne: Reflections on God’s Holiness by Allen S. Nelson IV (2019).  No Room for Meh When it comes to responding to the holiness of God we have two options (See Isaiah 6:5 and Revelation 4:8). Woe is me or worthy are You. Do you know what … Read more