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Advent 2022 – Free Family Devotionals

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Theology

The Word Christmas is not in the Bible.

Never once does Paul, or Peter, or James, or any of New Testament tell us that we must celebrate the birth of Christ.

In fact, sometimes we must lament some of what Christmas has come to mean to many people. To many, it is a time merely about family, gifts, and people being nicer.

I enjoy those things too, but so do those who do not bow the knee to Christ.

But, I don’t think the answer is canceling Christmas festivities.  On the contrary, I think this Advent season is a good time to reflect upon this grand story of Christmas. 

Advent is a season that some Christians celebrate. Advent simply means ‘coming’ and it’s just a time for us to intentionally reflect upon the 1st coming of Jesus (even as we anticipate His 2nd).

Advent is not required for Christians to observe, but it is a time we can use to think through the grand theology of Christmas. The story of the incarnation. The Infinite becoming an infant. The Hypostatic Union. The faithfulness, righteousness, and power of God.

The story of God redeeming His people from their rebellion in a world in darkness. A story of joy, mercy, and grace. 

All of these things ought to move us to worship.  They ought to deepen our joy and gladness in God whereby we can enjoy and appreciate the peripheral things of Christmas but our quintessential delight is found not in a present but in a person, namely the God-Man Jesus Christ.

With these things in mind, I wanted to offer some free Advent Devotionals I wrote a few years ago that you can use with your family. The Sundays of Advent for 2022 are 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, and 12/18. Below you’ll find resources for each week and one for December 24 (when the Advent season ends). In the first week, I also offer some of what we do as a family during this season.

May these resources help you as you seek to honor Christ!

11/27/22 – Week 1 (And some Nelson Family traditions)

12/4/22 – Week 2

12/11/22 – Week 3

12/18/22 – Week 4

Christmas Eve

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