Spurgeon – Tethered to the Cross and Lost Sermons – Vol. 4 (book reviews)

In this article, we will take a look at a pair of recent books on Charles Haddon Spurgeon. First up is Tethered to the Cross: The Life and Preaching of C.H. Spurgeon, followed by The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon – Vol. 4. Enjoy.

A Pair of Pauls: “Paul’s ‘Spirit of Adoption'” and “Paul’s ‘Works of the Law'” (book reviews)

In this article, we have the privilege of offering you a double review. We will be looking at a pair of recent books on the Apostle Paul. First up is “Paul’s ‘Spirit of Adoption’ In Its Roman Imperial Context”, followed by “Paul’s ‘Spirit of Adoption’ in the Perspective of Second-Century Reception.” Enjoy.

Book Review — The Jesus of the Gospels: An Introduction

The Jesus of the Gospels is a reliable guide to the Gospels from one of the most reliable guides in biblical scholarship. The book strikes an effective balance for lay people interested in a supplement to their reading of the Gospels.