Have You Learned Christ?

In Ephesians 4:20, Paul says the Christians at Ephesus had “learned” Christ. By that, Paul means, the Messiah. What Christians have learned is that Jesus is the true God of the universe. He is the 2nd person of the Trinity who is the fulfillment of all the OT promises. He is the Alpha and Omega. … Read more

Parable of the Talents: It’s Not About the Talents

The Parable of the Talents is more than just about “talents.” A lot more! But how are these talents typically portrayed? Money, time, power, resources? So often we hear sermons on this text, and so much time and ink are spent describing what the talents symbolically represent, and we often whiff it. What It’s About … Read more

Ep. 049 | Conley Owens and The Dorean Principle — TAU Roundtable

It gives us great joy to return to a roundtable episode with an interview with Conley Owens, author of The Dorean Principle. You can read or order the book at https://thedoreanprinciple.org What are your thoughts about money and ministry? Do you see a problem with the commercialization of Christianity? Conley believes historic Christianity has answers … Read more

When the Gospel takes Root

The following is an excerpt from my book, From Death to Life: How Salvation Works (you can order this at our shop here at ThingsAbove): Affections, Actions, and Attitudes Here’s a helpful alliteration to assist in discerning whether or not the gospel has actually taken root in a person’s heart: affections, actions, and attitudes. Essentially, all … Read more

A Simple Gospel Tract Text

The Father has sent His Son to be the Savior of the world. The most important question everyone must answer is “Who do you think Jesus Christ is?” If you answer incorrectly, you will die in your sin. But God grants eternal life and peace to those who confess that Jesus has come in the … Read more

Witnessing to Mormons

What is your experience witnessing to Mormons? A couple of Mormon missionaries stopped by my house when I was particularly busy early this week. I invited them back and they showed up right at the time we agreed upon. I spoke to them on my porch and thought the conversation may edify others. There are … Read more

Rightly Understanding John 3:16 — Applications

In a previous post, I wrote a little on understanding John 3:16. In today’s post, I’d like to walk through a few applications of understanding this verse rightly. There are negative applications for both the non-Calvinist and the Hyper-Calvinist. There are also positive applications for those who desire to be consistently Calvinistic, or biblical. First, … Read more

Go, Therefore: Family Worship

“Go, Therefore” posts are quick tips to help Christians live lives of evangelism. Family Worship As Evangelism Daily family worship ought to be observed by families for many reasons. To name a few: God is worthy to be worshipped, it is a way men ought to lead their homes, it’s good preparation for church, it … Read more

Rightly Understanding John 3:16

It seems some Calvinists get so concerned about John 3:16 being used as a “gotcha” against the Doctrines of Grace that they can go too far in overcorrecting. Some work so hard to show what all the verse does not mean that they fail to eagerly embrace all that it does mean. Certainly, John 3:16 … Read more