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Walking with God – Part 3

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Theology

Currently, I am preaching through Genesis 1-11 at Perryville Second Baptist Church. In our 33rd week through the series (no, I am not recommending everyone go that slow!) we came upon the curios case of Enoch in Genesis 5:22-24. This series of posts (see part 1 here, part 2 here) fleshes out some thoughts on Enoch’s walk with God and how we too may walk with Him.

Here is the text under consideration:

Enoch walked with God after he fathered Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Thus all the days of Enoch were 365 years. Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.

Last time we saw that to walk with the Lord involves faith and it involves fear. 3rd, to walk with the Lord involves:


Enoch walked with God. By faith, he pleased the Lord. God was not ashamed to be called his God. God pleased Him and he pleased God. This was an intimate and personal relationship with the living God. And again, we know this was by means of faith in God’s promises (see Hebrews 11).

For the Christian, our faith must be in Christ. But the reality is that to have faith in Christ is to be united with Christ. It is to live in Christ and have Christ live in us. To walk with God is to have fellowship with God in Christ. It is to have sweet communion with the triune holy God of the universe as we go to Him in prayer. As we meditate upon His Scriptures.

It is to love the Lord with true affection. God is not a bore or bother to us. He is the object of our adoration. He is the desire of our heart. If you are walking with someone and they have their head down in their cell phone while you’re trying to talk with them, do you have their attention? Are you their current focus? Of course not.

Yet, so many profess to walk with the Lord and their mind and heart are never set upon Him. They are distracted by the cares of the world. They love the idea of God perhaps or of eternal life. But their heart is not captivated with the Holy One. They wander from God, not walk with God.

To walk with the Lord is to have faith, fear, and fellowship. 4thly, walking with the Lord includes:


To walk with the Lord is to walk in His ways. And we walk in His ways when we walk according to His Word. I want to point out a small point about Genesis 5:1a which says “This is the book of the generations of Adam…”

The God we are to walk with is the God of books. He is the God of 1 Book, the Bible, that’s made up of 66 books, and sometimes these books have books within them. Books within books within a Book!

Our God is the God of books! A God who speaks in books. The God who has given His final word in Christ who commissioned His apostles to write it down and have it contained in a Book.

To walk with the Lord is to love the Book. It is to seek to live by the Book. We must know this great Book!  Life is an open book test if you will. God is not hiding. Here is the Book! Jesus often asked those around Him, “Have you not read?”

To walk with the Lord is to follow the Lord. And to follow the Lord we must be people of this great Book that God has given us. To love the Lord is to love His ways. To be a Christian is to follow Christ and part of what that means is listening to Him in His Word and adjusting your life accordingly.

I cannot emphasize this strongly enough: If you are not following the Lord, you are not walking with Him. And if you are not walking with God, you are not on the narrow way that leads to eternal life. It is alarming how many professing Christians claim to know the Lord, but they do not follow Him.

Furthermore, regardless of how you may “feel,” you are not truly fellowshipping with God if you do not seek to obey Him in His Word. I talked to a man one time who knew he was a Christian because he had “inner peace.” No doubt, God grants His children peace at times, but if you feel an “inner peace” while disregarding God’s precious Word, your feelings have deceived you.

To walk with God is to fellowship with God and to follow Him. This is not all it means to walk with God. We’ve already seen it also includes faith and fear, and next time we will examine two final aspects of walking with God. Today, we will close with this question again: Are you walking with God?

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