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TAU Beginnings

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Theology

On January 15, I was reminded that it has been two years since we started ThingsAbove.Us. The reminder came by way of a tiny bit of hardship where our domain name expired precisely two years after we purchased it. We got that fixed, but I wondered how many of our readers weren’t around back then.

So even though our first official post wasn’t until Jan 31, 2018, I want to celebrate two years as team bloggers by featuring a few of our first posts. Posts which are worthy to be read, but probably don’t get much screen time.

I’ve included Justin’s post about his wife’s stroke (what a crazy time), Allen’s exhortation that Jesus is already Lord, Tim’s conversion-to-Calvinism story, Jason’s persuasive essay to think biblically about God, Guns and Government and a post I thought would be evergreen where I explain how to have a focus on Things Above Us while living in this world as sojourners.

Garrett wasn’t on the team at the start, but he was around by March and brought (still brings) especially interesting AND academic quality posts regarding many topics only handled by seminary blogs or journals.


My Wife’s Stroke and The Upside Down

You Can’t Make Jesus Lord of Your Life

The Origins of the Calvinist Conversion

God, Guns, and Good Government

Things Above Us?

Bridging the Knowledge Gap in New Testament Textual Criticism

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  1. Curtis Sheidler

    Love the reviews, guys. I’m nearly finished with (and have *IMMENSELY* enjoyed!) Joel Beeke’s “Reformed Systematic Theology.” I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! It’s the first of an intended four volumes, so I’m not sure how you’d need to approach something like that, though.

    • Michael Coughlin

      I actually think this is on the coming soon list…


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