What Can Rural Church Pastors do in the SBC?

Recently, during a public conversation with SBC 1st VP, Dr. Lee Brand, I had the opportunity to share what I think pastors in rural churches can do in the current tumult of the Southern Baptist Convention. I thought I would share these thoughts in writing as an encouragement to pastors in situations similar to my … Read more

Nine Day Queen of England – Book Review

In October of 2018, I took our church through a Sunday Night Series entitled “Church History Profiles.” We looked at various people of the Reformation and sought to explain their significance and how we might learn from them. As an aside, I think this is something I will try to do every year. I think the … Read more

Why I Hope You’re Celebrating October 31st

Post Tenebras Lux It means ‘after darkness, light’ and it’s hanging on the wall in my Study and features the pictures of John Knox, Jonathan Edwards, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, and John Calvin. I’m all for free candy, and I think it is certainly permissible for children to dress up and pretend (although I certainly … Read more