What Can Rural Church Pastors do in the SBC?

Recently, during a public conversation with SBC 1st VP, Dr. Lee Brand, I had the opportunity to share what I think pastors in rural churches can do in the current tumult of the Southern Baptist Convention. I thought I would share these thoughts in writing as an...

Therefore the Truth I Speak: Scottish Theology 1500–1700 (book review)

Donald Macleod’s beautiful new book, Therefore the Truth I Speak is an engaging look at Scottish theology that mines the past and brings it into the present.

Received Into the Number: A Theology of Adoption Part IX- Wilhelmus à Brakel’s Doctrine of Adoption

As a theologian in the Puritan tradition, Wilhelmus à Brakel was part of a movement which developed the doctrine of adoption as an experiential reality, not merely an academic theory.