Dear Egalitarian: Even Some Men Are Not Qualified

Beth Moore

With all the hubbub about Beth Moore and her doubling down concerning being qualified to preach, social media has erupted with pragmatic reprimands. From the laymen to the pulpit, it seems like the giant elephant in the room has grown too big for evangelicalism to ignore. But while it may be easy to poke the … Read more

Roundup for Early November

Here are some of the posts that you may have missed. Garrett digs deep into Romans 5 Tim excites us to think that God hears our prayers, and exhorts us: The beginning of Chuck’s theology of adoption series: Allen shreds the sacred cow of the sinner’s pray to pieces like a potter’s … Read more

Is Male Headship a Gospel Issue?

Men, mean, and misogyny all start with the same letter. Obviously, guys are jerks and need to calm down. And women need to be filling the pulpit because the resurrection of Jesus was first announced to women. Believe it or not, that’s the sort of argumentation you get in the Twitterverse when you say anything … Read more

Rebuke, Reprove, Recycle

The internet has proven to be a resource for Christians. It is a good resource for history, commentaries from sound Bible interpreters, answers to difficult questions, and information regarding the contents of the 66 books of God’s Word. It’s also a resource for bad information, wrong answers, and seemingly unloving people professing to have (and … Read more