N.T. Wright

A Pair of Pauls: “Paul’s ‘Spirit of Adoption'” and “Paul’s ‘Works of the Law'” (book reviews)

In this article, we have the privilege of offering you a double review. We will be looking at a pair of recent books on the Apostle Paul. First up is “Paul’s ‘Spirit of Adoption’ In Its Roman Imperial Context”, followed by “Paul’s ‘Spirit of Adoption’ in the Perspective of Second-Century Reception.” Enjoy.

Book Review — BECNT – Romans: Second Edition

Thomas Schreiner’s updated edition of the BECNT – Romans is a must have resource on Paul’s much cherished and debated letter to the earliest followers of Christ.

Book Review — The New Testament in Its World: An Introduction to the History, Literature, and Theology of the First Christians

How far should professing Christians go in pursuit of unity? When and how should we disagree with each other? Are there ever circumstances when we should break fellowship? The thorough look into church history in The Story of Creeds and Confessions serves as a helpful reminder to seek and speak the truth humbly and in love.