Book Review — Passionate About The Passion Week (Part 1: The Good)

Dr. William Varner is a well-established Master’s University professor and experienced linguist. His exegetical and historical skill is fairly known among those within the biblical linguistics community, and those who have heard him speak at the seminary, or as a guest speaker. Nevertheless, as skilled as Dr. Varner is, this book has some theological concerns … Read more

The Preaching Killdeer

Growing up in rural Arkansas I had many opportunities to walk the woods with my grandfather learning about various aspects of nature, including birds. One of the most interesting birds I can remember is the Charadrius vociferous, or, you probably know it as the Killdeer. Or maybe, you’ve never heard of the Killdeer. That’s okay, … Read more

Ep. 024 | Kofi Interview — TAU Roundtable

Michael interviews Kofi regarding his sermon, Hebrews 12: Cross Purchased Discipline. This discussion will edify saints as you get the benefit of the hours of study which was put in before the Cruciform Conference in Indianapolis. Also, we hear about Kofi’s church’s upcoming ministry events. Please visit to learn more about Grace Community Church … Read more

Ep. 022 | Getting Apostasy Right — TAU Roundtable

Michael, Tim, and George discuss the New Covenant promise of the perseverance of the saints and Tim’s article “Choked Out by Thorns.” How are we to think about folks who fall away like Joshua Harris or Marty Sampson? What assurance can a Christian have in this life that they will truly be preserved to the end?

What steps can someone take to make their calling and election sure and watch out for their brethren?

The New Covenant: Unmixed, Unbreakable, & Unconditional (Part 2)

An Unbreakable/Unconditional Covenant Building on point #4 in the previous article about who are the unmixed members of the NC, if it were possible that NC members could break Christ’s covenant through apostasy, or keep it through perseverance, then this causes some problems. Let’s reiterate again what Jeremiah 32: 38-40 says: “And they shall be my … Read more

Ep. 021 | Getting the New Covenant Right — TAU Roundtable

Michael and George discuss the New Covenant. This covenant is unmixed, unbreakable and unconditional. This is the first in a series where we will define the New Covenant, discuss its implications, apply it to the Christian life, and then contrast it to errors that ensue when getting the New Covenant wrong. Scripture references: Jeremiah 31:31-34; … Read more

Particular Effects of Particular Atonement

What? Particular atonement is the historic Christian doctrine that Christ only effectively satisfied the wrath of God toward sin on behalf of His people. In other words, anyone who is thrown into hell cannot say, “But Jesus paid for my sins.” This is a staple belief for all who call themselves Calvinists. In a sense, … Read more