4 Key Truths about Monergism and Evangelism

The following is comes from a manuscript I’m working on entitled, A Change of Heart: Understanding Regeneration and Why it Matters.  Regeneration and Evangelism There is a certain faulty line of reasoning that says if God is completely sovereign in salvation, choosing whom He will and regenerating whom He will, then evangelism is unnecessary. This is … Read more

Cradle or Credo?: A Defense of Biblical Baptism

With the recent move of a good brother, Jared Longshore, from credobaptist to paedobaptist, I thought I would share an excerpt from a book I’m continuing to work on in my “free time”, A Change of Heart: Understanding Regeneration and Why it Matters. Below comes from chapter 13 on the ordinances. While I certainly believe Presbyterians … Read more

A Change of Heart, ch. 1 — Heart Matters

For the last year+ I’ve been working on a new book, A Change of Heart: Understanding Regeneration and Why it Matters. Now that I’ve finally completed my M.Div, I’ve taken this project back up again. I thought I would share the first two chapters in a series of blog posts with our readers. I hope you’re edified … Read more

Christianity is Supernatural

The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book — A Change of Heart Christianity is supernatural. Left to ourselves we do not fear God, seek God, truly understand God, or care about God’s glory at all. Without the Holy Spirit, we don’t even want to know the problem, much less possess the means or … Read more