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Christ is King

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Theology

What does it mean that Christ is King? We explored this recently as a church as we walked through Ephesians 1:21. So in today’s post, I want us to explore the meaning of Christ’s kingship by considering four attributes of His kingdom based on Ephesians 1:21.

It is Unparalleled

Verse 21 in the ESV begins with “far above.” This word is translated the same way in most English translations. It could simply be translated as “above.” The point here is that the reign of Jesus ranks higher than anything else. His kingdom is unparalleled. There is no other kingdom in or out of this world that ranks above Christ’s. Similarly…

It is Unrivaled

Far above all. Or it could be rendered far above every. The point is there is no other power that can rival the throne of Christ. Now, what is referred to here when the text says “rule and authority and power and dominion”? Most commentators agree that it’s probably in part a reference to angels and more specifically fallen angels and demons and the power of Satan.

That is, we need to remember the reality of the Evil One and demons. Many do not speak of them being at work today, but they are. They are at abortion mills. And the adult video industry. And in countless other ways: tempting the faithful, or assuring the unrighteous that they are okay, or accusing the brethren. I think it is beyond question that the CRT/I issues we face today are of demonic influence.

But the point in this text is that the kingdom of Satan does not rival the kingdom of Christ. Christ’s reign is far above all rule and authority and power whether that’s on earth or in the spiritual realm. Christ is King over all.

He is supremely sovereign. He is above Satan. He is above demons. He is above angels. He is above archangels. He is above all seraphim and cherubim. He is above all earthly powers. He is above all creatures seen and unseen.

He is above kings of earth and tyrants and local magistrates and mayors and policemen and politicians and presidents. King Jesus is far above it all.

This is an unrivaled kingdom. And since it is unparalleled and unrivaled, thirdly…

It is Unstoppable

1 Corinthians 15:25 says, “For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet.”

And this is what is happening right now. Today. As we speak. The kingdom of Christ is advancing. It cannot be stopped. It cannot be stopped by Satan, demons, earthly leaders, false teachers, or anything else in all the universe. This is why Paul wants us to know the immeasurable greatness of God’s power in Christ (cf. Eph. 1:19). Because it cannot be stopped. The church will prevail.

We will be persecuted. And we may give our lives for the sake of the gospel. The days ahead in America may be dark for those who are serious about serving the King of kings. But the kingdom of Christ cannot be stopped. It will advance and it is advancing even now.

The kingdom is marching on as the gospel rescues sinners from all over the globe as they are born again by the Holy Spirit and brought to saving faith in the Lord Jesus. So it is our duty and delight to share the message of the King and to preach the gospel of the kingdom to our neighbors and the nations. And every time we baptize someone, we are essentially saying to the world, and the devil, and the faulty kingdoms of this age — You cannot stop the advance. The King came to rescue His Bride, and He will receive the full reward for His suffering.

It is Unending

The kingdom of Christ will never end. It will continue in this age — what we see and know now, and the age to come — the age where there is the new heavens and new earth and the Bride, the ransomed Church of God, reigns eternally. When someone says that you are on the wrong side of history, remember that all of history is His story and that Christ’s kingdom never ends.

The power of God that resurrected and exalted Christ is at work in believers now. In fact, Christ is King of the believer’s heart and will remain so forever. And only those who recognize and rejoice in Christ’s kingship make up His kingdom.

So, now, as we consider these attributes of Christ’s kingdom — unparalleled, unrivaled, unstoppable, and unending — the question remains, what does this really mean for us right now?

In a way, we have answered that. Believer, you ought to be encouraged even in dark days. You are part of a kingdom that cannot be shaken. It cannot be overthrown. We are looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God. Jesus didn’t merely come to be king of your circumstances or to give you a worldly leg up. You realize that’s what the Jews wanted, right? They wanted a king who would vanquish the Romans but not One who would vanquish their sins.

He will certainly bring us out of Egypt one day, but the kingdom of Christ now is about vanquishing the Egypt that is in us. Christ came to be King of the Universe and to reign in your heart.

Is that reflected in your life? Is Christ recognized and rejoiced in as King of your heart? Your affections? Your desires and dreams?

Saints, He is an altogether good King. He is kind and gracious. He is ready to give us more than we ask or think in Him. He disciplines us in love. He watches over us in love. He leads us in love. You cannot fathom the love of Christ for His people. Are you resting in that? Are you trusting and following and living for this King? And are you making this King known to others? If you are a believer, His power reigns in you. Will you know that power and live for His glory?

I want to say this unequivocally: you can’t make Christ King. You cannot make Him more King than He already is. But you can bow to His Kingship even now.

This King can set you free. He can break through the chains of your sin and rebellion. He can forgive your sins. He can reconcile you to God. He can be the King you follow, adore, live for, love, and worship. He can be rejoiced in as King of your life and the King of your family.

Will you repent of your sins and put your faith in this King whom God has resurrected and sat at His right hand far above every power and name and dominion? No other king you are serving is worth it. But Christ is. And if you refuse Him, He will rightly triumph over you at the final judgment. But today, you are offered pardon. Make peace with this King by faith.

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