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Genesis 1-11 Series Recap and Commentary Suggestions

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On Sunday, August 9, 2020, we concluded our Genesis 1-11 sermon series at Perryville Second Baptist Church. This was a 57 sermon series that began May 19, 2019. For what I hope is both fun and helpful I thought I’d share a few stats as well as what I found to be the most useful resources.

Let me add a quick note that I think Genesis 1-11 can be preached much shorter than 57 weeks! However, this worked well for us and I hope we benefited from our serious journey through these foundational chapters.


Sometimes we do sports on this site, so how about some sermon stats!?

Total Preaching Time: 41 Hours, 51 Minutes, and 30 Seconds (Doesn’t seem as long when you break it down that way!)

Average Sermon Length: 44 Minutes, 3 Seconds

Longest Sermon: Week 33, Walking or Wandering (Genesis 5:6-24) 54 Minutes, 12 Seconds

Shortest Sermon: Week 16, A Helper Fit for Him (Genesis 2:18-22), 30 Minutes, 30 Seconds

Most Listened to Sermons: Week 4, Creation Continued (Genesis 1:6-13) and Week 12, A Journey to Eden (Genesis 2:4-9)

Sermon Count by Chapter:

  • Genesis 1: 8
  • Genesis 2: 10
  • Genesis 3: 7
  • Genesis 4: 6
  • Genesis 5: 3
  • Genesis 6: 7
  • Genesis 7: 2
  • Genesis 8: 5
  • Genesis 9: 3
  • Genesis 10: 2
  • Genesis 11: 4

As you can see, a bulk of the sermons came from Genesis 1-3 (25). Those are the most crucial chapters to understand properly in my opinion.

Commentary Suggestions

I used several resources but I’m going to give you my top 5 in no particular order:

  1. Sermons on Genesis 1-11 by John Calvin
  2. Genesis: Volume 1 by John D. Currid (EP Study Commentary)
  3. Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of Genesis by Allen P. Ross
  4. World Bible Commentary: Genesis 1-15 by Gordon J. Wenham
  5. The Book of Genesis Chapters 1-17 by Victor P. Hamilton

Sermon Series Suggestion

Early on in my study of Genesis I had the opportunity to listen to Brian Borgman preach on SermonAudio while I jogged. I benefited from his expositions and would commend them to you. (Click here)

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