Call to Worship Adapted from Psalm 31

Our church does a call to worship each week. This week I created one by adapting the text of Psalm 31 into direct communication to my congregation. I offer it below for your edification and to use as you please. May it cause you to worship Christ!

Overwhelmed? Just Do These Five Things! (part 1)

There’s No Simple Formula Look, I’m sorry if the title offended you. Of course, the feeling of being overwhelmed can be caused by many complex factors. There is simply no simple formula to relieve it. Being overwhelmed can stem from legitimately having too many things going on at any time in your life. These things … Read more

Suffering Saints Seek a Savior!

I’m preaching about Jonah’s prayer in chapter 2 of the prophecy of Jonah. I noticed a few things. Jonah’s Prayer is Utterly Scriptural Jonah’s prayer is scriptural. The words Jonah prayed to God are found in Psalm 42:7 and several places in Psalm 18. His language shows a depth of knowledge of scripture that we … Read more

Family Camp – (guest) Movie Review

Family Camp I’ve been on every major production company’s list of “Christian” bloggers for over a decade so when I heard about Family Camp, I was interested because the Skit Guys had made some good content years ago. But when I watched the trailer I was annoyed within 30 seconds. I endured the whole trailer … Read more

Book Review: Ann Judson: A Life of Self-Denial

Chapel Library’s booklet, Ann Judson: A Life of Self-Denial is the perfect length. It gives just enough information to make someone interested in reading a larger work about this dear saint, yet also gain an appreciation for Ann and learn from her life without a large investment.

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Here are some of my thoughts on the eighth commandment from my final sermon on Exodus 20:15. Stealing is the taking of something that isn’t yours or the using of something that isn’t yours without the owner’s consent and approval. Giving Remember that the opposite of stealing is working hard that you may give to … Read more

Reminders About Disciplining Children

Discipline is Good and Christian Here are some things that help me when I have to consider how to discipline my children. I need to make sure I am being loving when I discipline. Discipline is supposed to be based on love for the child. My actions and methods must be tempered by a heart … Read more

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

If a person changes their life because they change their thinking, apart from salvation in Christ and the renewing of the Holy Spirit, (although those changes may be positive changes), it is not the church’s purpose to help people better their lives simply by better thinking. It is her purpose to preach God’s Word to people and let them fall under the conviction of the Holy Spirit where the only real helpful change to a soul occurs (Phil 3).

What Causes You to Sin?

Men will either sin or not sin—erupt with anger or remain in control—based on what is in them already, not what is introduced from the outside. It’s not your kid’s fault that you got angry; it’s not your wife’s fault you’re irritable; nor is it that scantily dressed woman’s fault that you lusted. You sin against our holy God because you want to sin—and the environment around you simply gives you an excuse.

Quick Thoughts on Bethel Redding California

Bad Theology Take Here’s a screenshotted FB post where someone quoted Kris Vallotton (from Bethel Redding) saying that the church must demonstrate the miraculous works of Christ. It is clearly implied that this is what allows nonbelievers to experience repentance. Additionally, the “judge not” card is being played against anyone who would judge people for … Read more