Call to Worship Adapted from Psalm 31

Call to Worship

Our church does a call to worship each week. This week I created one by adapting the text of Psalm 31 into direct communication to my congregation. I offer it below for your edification and to use as you please. May it cause you to worship Christ!

Adapted from Psalm 31

In Yahweh, we have taken refuge; Let us never be ashamed;

His righteousness protects us.

He is a rock of strength to us, a fortress to save us. He leads and guides us and delivers us from the enemy by his strength.

Commit your spirit to Him. He has ransomed you. Worship Him and trust in Yahweh only!

Do not have regard for worthless idols!

Rejoice and be glad in the lovingkindness of Christ who has seen your affliction and knows the troubles of your soul.

He has set your feet in a large place and on a wide path of freedom. He is gracious to you in your distress.

When your strength fails because of your iniquity, and your bones waste away remember the steadfast love of the lord.

When you become a reproach to your neighbors, and an object of dread to your acquaintances;

When terror is on every side;

Trust in Yahweh; Trust in the God of the universe, and in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Your times are in His powerful hand and he will deliver you from the hand of your enemies and from those who pursue you. His face shines upon you who are but a slave. He will not let you be put to shame

But He will put to shame the wicked in their death. Lying lips will be made mute which speak arrogantly against the righteous with lofty pride and contempt.

Blessed be Yahweh, For He has made marvelous His lovingkindness to us and although we have broken His law and ought to be cut off from before His eyes, He instead cut off Christ in your stead.

Jesus loves all you, His holy ones! He guards the faithful!

Be strong and let your heart take courage, all of you who eagerly await the return of our Lord Jesus.

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