Family Camp – (guest) Movie Review

Family Camp

I’ve been on every major production company’s list of “Christian” bloggers for over a decade so when I heard about Family Camp, I was interested because the Skit Guys had made some good content years ago.

But when I watched the trailer I was annoyed within 30 seconds. I endured the whole trailer and realized there was no way I’d want to give this movie any attention. I regret that I didn’t share what I had seen with my church. So when a brother at church told me they went to see it, I was sad to hear it. But thankful that even after spending $100 to take their entire family and a couple of guests they brought that they got up and left.

I was even more grateful that the wife wrote the following on her Facebook wall which she graciously let me copy and share with you. I have edited it for this blog but it’s her content (Lindsey Roberts).

Christian Discerning Review

Hey Guys, this is what I think after only about 40 minutes of this movie. When they said they were going to have all the dads go up to the top of the mountain and “hear from God” that was the last straw for us. (for those who don’t know why that is wrong….. you only hear from God by opening up his Word and reading it.)

  • The movie’s premise is that the main character — the dad  is selfish, works on the Sabbath, and doesn’t care to spiritually lead his family. Thus, the wife has to nag to get him to go to camp. Dad says no way but goes anyway because of her nags.
  • 30 minutes in they blasphemed the name and character of the Lord at least 8 times.
  • Extremely irreverent when singing hymns — singing them in joking/mocking ways.
  • Overall feel of the movie was it was made to mock Christianity — for instance, the dad said that something wasn’t “jesus-ie” enough. (comment added by Michael: I think sometimes people think that as Christians we need to laugh at ourselves and go too far mocking that which is and should be regarded as holy.)
  • Multiple 2nd commandment violations.
  • Shows the young daughter hanging out with an older guy and the guy says “I can’t believe you have never had a first kiss”.
  • One family was “anointing” their kids with oil as part of their evening rituals (presenting in a very mocking/ridiculous way) and the dad was trying to complete so he just said a prayer out loud to one-up the other family — it was fake, didn’t make sense and also said his kids’ full names because he wasn’t sure if God knew their names.
  • Flippantly calling things “holy” or making things “holy” but holiness is an attribute that God is. He tells us what is holy.
  • Awful acting and awful storyline. I put this last, but even by basic good movie standards — it’s garbage even for that reason.
  • Looks like it was written and produced by “ex” Christians. All of my older kids from ages 5 to 12 were uncomfortable and wanted to leave. I really wanted to like it but couldn’t stomach it. I walked away feeling sick.

The movie doesn’t even come close to representing a real pastor, a real church, a godly dad, or a godly mom. Shows a very worldly family with a dad who is not present, and a mom who nags and is frustrated a lot. Kids roll their eyes at their parents.

Please don’t get me wrong —I liked Mom’s night out — I am not against all “Christian” movies. It wasn’t perfect but was at least cute and funny and didn’t cross very many lines. This isn’t even close to that. Family Camp doesn’t promote justice, truth, love, or any attribute of God but instead depicts the fruit of the flesh.

Bottom-line — God is Holy and worthy to be praised. This movie will not draw you closer to Him nor will make you love Him more. Don’t waste the money He has given to you to steward.

Thanks to my friend Lindsey for allowing me to post this.


Michael here again. I am sorry that my friends had to endure this, but I’m glad for the warning I’m able to provide others as the result. Where you spend your money and time and what you set your eyes and ears upon are important to God and indicators of the state of your heart. I agree with Lindsey, be a better steward of what God has given you than spending it on this movie.

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