Why You Should be a Baptist – Part 5

This is the fifth and final post in a series of posts on why you should be a baptist. In the last few posts, we’ve been looking at what Baptism signifies. We conclude with today’s post. Baptism signifies, Resurrection, Regeneration, Renewal, Relocation, Resolve, Reception, Return, and finally, in Baptism we have a: Reminder Wilhelmus Á … Read more

Why You Should be a Baptist – Part 4

In the previous two posts, we have walked through 5 points on the significance of Baptism. I am trying to convince you to be a credobaptist. And if you already are a credobaptist, I hope that these posts help you to glory in the gospel all the more. We will finish 2 more points today … Read more

Why You Should be a Baptist – Part 3

In the previous post, we began to walk through 8 wonderful realities that our Baptism points to. We finished 3 last time and we will finish another 2 today. Before we get into the list let me say how much my walk with the Lord has been improved by listening to and reading paedobaptists. R.C. … Read more

Why You Should be a Baptist – Part 2

The last post was really an introduction to this discussion. In this post, we begin to get into more of the meat of the matter. And what I want to do is lay out for you 8 truths about the symbolic nature of Baptism. In doing this, I hope to persuade you to be a … Read more

Why You Should be a Baptist – Part 1

Benjamin Keach, a 17th Century Baptist, was once put in a pillory to face physical pain and public scorn because of his views on credobaptism (also called “believer’s baptism”). Sadly, today, I’m afraid too many Baptists cannot defend the doctrine of credobaptism very well, other than by saying something like “infant baptism is nowhere in … Read more