The Trinity

Reformed Systematic Theology – Vol 3: Spirit and Salvation (book review)

Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley’s Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 3: Spirit and Salvation is another theologically rich entry in what has already become a modern classic series. As with the previous volumes, the authors effectively balance academic theological precision with pastoral and devotional care.

The T&T Clark Handbook of Analytic Theology (book review)

The T&T Clark Handbook on Analytic Theology is a landmark resource from a team of authors hoping to bridge the gap between philosophy and theology.

The Ugly Business Of Politics And The Trinitarian Hope of Romans 1:1-6

As I write, the presidential campaign season is in full swing. While my fellow Americans decide who will take over the Executive Branch, one thing we all know for certain: politics is an ugly business. Politics is a proud industry. It's pure egotism. Whatever problem...