Now It’s Personal

Most of the time I write, podcast, or otherwise post online, my posts are impersonal. I have a healthy fear of focusing too much on myself and so I choose to preach and teach theology without inserting my own life too much. Today, on the anniversary of a horrific memory of mine, I’m breaking that … Read more

Suicide Thoughts

Thus, we need to be careful when we are talking about folks who committed suicide. Too often I think we skirt around the issue of calling it sin, or even murder. Most people who commit suicide do it as the result of some sort of depression and I think we almost excuse it a little in our minds. It seems rather callous to call a guy who was so depressed he took his own life a murderer. But truth is worthless if it is hidden (Matthew 5:15).

Do People Who Commit Suicide Go To Hell?

“What is the Reformed Baptist view regarding those who commit suicide?” This question was posted on Facebook. The answers vary between “never saved to begin with,” to “Jesus’ blood covers it.” This is one of those questions that is likely to evoke an emotional response from people, so sensitivity coupled with biblical thinking is of … Read more