Dealing w/Criticism: 12 Points to Consider by Joel Beeke

Pastor Joel Beeke has featured his twelve points concerning how to deal with criticism on many podcasts and conferences. I felt it necessary to share the 12 Points here, provide short points based upon my own experience (and Beeke’s), and share the several links below where he has discussed these in more detail. Though these … Read more

The Reformed Christian and the Sovereignty of God

This is just a quick post highlighting some great quotes from Joel Beeke on the sovereignty of God. This is from his book Reformed Preaching. The quotes are found on pages 64 and 66. The reformed Christian believes that God is the Lord of life and Sovereign of the universe, whose will is the key to history. … Read more

Assurance: “How Can I Know I’m Really Saved?”

Examine Yourself How do you know you are really a Christian?  Do you really know you are going to spend eternity in Heaven when you die? Are you sure you are actually right with a just and holy God? Can a true Christian lose their salvation? I recognize there is a danger in addressing this … Read more