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Episode 65 – Canceling Church Because It’s Christmas?

In the episode, Michael and Cuatro discuss with Oliver Allmand-Smith the phenomenon of churches canceling services for the Lord's Day due to the Christmas holiday

Who Invented “Church Membership” anyway?

Is church membership a manmade idea or is it really biblical? In this short post, we'll consider just one text. Peter told pastors in his first epistle to “shepherd the flock of God that is *among you*.” (1 Peter 5:2) There is a lot there we could unpack but let me...

A Book of Numbers: What the 2019 SBC Annual Church Profile Data Tells us About the Southern Baptist Convention

The 2019 annual church profile for the Southern Baptist Convention came out recently and the numbers aren’t great. While many people will bemoan the Baptism numbers, something else caught my eye. For those of who you are not Southern Baptists, the reporting works like...