Posted On March 8, 2018

International Women’s Day & Knowledge of God

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Theology

If you venture to on March 8 of any year, you’ll find a doodle promoting International Women’s Day. I want to draw your attention to this screenshot from 2018’s doodle. It’s a depiction of women in all sorts of professional roles, presumably roles they once felt prohibited from obtaining.

You will also notice that there isn’t a single depiction of a heroic, brave, woman having an abortion, going into an abortion clinic, nor a woman performing an abortion. It is as if this vital, empowering act of womanhood isn’t really something people celebrate when it is considered seriously. Why is this important aspect of womanhood missing?

Secondly, absent from the doodle are the women who have risen up against the patriarchy to prostitute their bodies for men, display their talents in pornography, or shake “what their momma gave ’em” at a strip club. What the doodler reveals to us unintentionally is the worldview that we are all born with God’s law written on our hearts. A law which reveals to us the importance of women and their inherent value as made in God’s image, rather than what they can do for us sexually. Even the doodle maker at Google knows we don’t celebrate the objectification of women publicly.

Yes, celebrate women today—and every day, because women are to be celebrated not for what they do or can do, but because God made them, and made them special. And even women the world won’t celebrate (prostitutes, strippers, drug addicts) are worth reaching out to with the gospel. For more on this topic you can read this post from last year on the same topic.

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