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Book Review: How Can We Rescue Those Being Taken Away to Death?

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Brett A. Baggett, Dusty Deevers, and James Silberman: Rescue Those: How Can We Rescue Those Being Taken Away to Death? Copyright 2021  Rescue Those INC. You can order copies here. These booklets are given away for free. I suggest Christians who benefit from this work would choose to support this ministry.

About the Publisher

Rescue Those is a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ with a particular focus on the theology and work required to battle one of our culture’s greatest evils: abortion. Run by pastors, Rescue Those seeks to awaken the minds of Christians to do the work we’ve been called to do here in this cursed creation in relation to baby murder. Reach this chilling excerpt from their website.

As you just read this opening paragraph, three children were unjustly slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers in the United States. By the time you finish reading the educational portion of this website, which I pray to God you will, about 200 babies will have been butchered under cover of law. By the end of this day, around 2,400 of your preborn neighbors will have been murdered through what has so politely been termed abortion.


Rescue Those: How Can We Rescue Those Being Taken Away to Death? is a concise yet thorough explanation of the abolitionist stance concerning the murder of children in the womb. Much confusion exists in our culture between what it means to be pro-life, how to fight Roe v Wade, and what the Christian’s disposition should be towards ending abortion. While every Christian ought to agree that ending abortion is a noble goal, a variety of methods for achieving that end have been proposed.

Rescue Those is an attempt to explain how Christians can (and must) battle the killing of the unborn biblically.


Click the photo to read an excerpt.

Rescue Those: How Can We Rescue Those Being Taken Away to Death begins by painting a picture of the abortion holocaust going on around us and a clear explanation of God’s gospel. Finding pro-life literature is easyfinding anti-abortion literature that includes the gospel is hard. Rescue Those bridges that gap effectively by making clear the reader’s need to truly repent and place their faith in Christ alone for salvation.

The table of contents includes the following major section with the below subheadings.

How can we rescue those being carried off to the slaughter?

  1. We must reject the approval of murder
  2. We must demand our governing authorities establish equal justice, therefore making it illegal to kill babies
  3. We must reject any medicine that kills babies as well as medicine that was produced by killing babies
  4. We must go to the abortion clinics; preaching the gospel, pleading with parents not to slaughter their children, and providing real help
  5. We must proclaim the horrors of abortion and point everyone to Christ crucified

Each of these sections includes explanations and scriptural support for the position.

Included with the positive argument concerning the proper, Christian anti-abortion stance is a polemic against the pro-life establishment’s failures to achieve even their stated goals of reducing abortions. Not only is the traditional pro-life strategy of fighting abortion unfaithful to the text of scripture, but, as expected, when we go against God’s ways, it is also a dismal failure at actually suppressing evil. As this excerpt points out:

All that Pro-Life regulations do, in the end, is tell a murderer when they are allowed to dismember their child, starve their baby to death, or suck them out with a vacuum, which the parents in fact do. Because, again, all Pro-Life laws do is tell a killer when,  where, and how they can kill.

Finally, the booklet contains several appendices which include definitions of terms, common misconceptions about abolition, and answers to frequently asked questions such as:

  • The Supreme Court said we are not allowed to abolish abortion, did they not?
  • Pro-life bills only criminalize the abortionist. Why does an abolition bill criminalize the mother, too?
  • Are criminal penalties retroactive?
  • What about situations in which the mother’s life is truly endangered?
  • Abolition bills are good, but incremental bills are still good too, right?


Rescue Those: How Can We Rescue Those Being Taken Away to Death? is a much-needed booklet in a sea of compromise with Roman Catholics and evangelical incrementalists. For the Christian who knows that abortion is murder, but finds it difficult to explain to those around you why you believe what you believe, this book can help. This is the type of book you keep a handful of on hand in your office or your car to give away to people you encounter who may not have been exposed to the abolitionist stance.

Highly recommended! Order here!


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