Posted On July 27, 2018

A Little Reminder – We Talk Too

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Theology

Here is a reminder that as part of the Things Above Us Network (TAU Network), we have a couple podcasts we think are edifying to the saints and convicting to sinners.

The Bald Calvinist – Stephen Melzynixinskn hosts this podcast.

The Rural Church Podcast – Hosted by Allen Nelson IV and Eddie Ragsdale

Additionally, here are a few episodes where Michael Coughlin was a guest on another podcast:

No Compromise Radio – Michael Coughlin Interview

  • Michael and Mike discuss open air preaching and evangelism, among other things.

Echo Zoe Radio – Michael Coughlin: Proper Comparisons

  • Michael and Average Andy talk about how easy it it so compare ourselves to others’ public personas, as well as how it seems we have a tendency to be more interested in what ‘celebrity’ Christians have to say, rather than our close brother.

Voice of Reason Radio – Michael Coughlin – Making a Cognitive Study of Scripture

  • Michael discusses with Chris and Rich the need to actually understand the words of Scripture, as opposed to treating the Bible like a magic spellbook.

To hear Michael speak to brother Ryan Akers on the Simmering Thoughts podcast on the topic of faithfulness, click below.

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