Go, Therefore: Family Worship

“Go, Therefore” posts are quick tips to help Christians live lives of evangelism.

Family Worship As Evangelism

Daily family worship ought to be observed by families for many reasons. To name a few: God is worthy to be worshipped, it is a way men ought to lead their homes, it’s good preparation for church, it promotes holiness, and it draws families closer together. A wonderful and providential by-product of practicing regular family worship is that it will create evangelistic opportunities. Allow me to explain two primary ways this will occur.

Just By Planning On It

When you prioritize family worship, it means that you will revolve your life around making sure you do it. You will either have a regular schedule or you will have a fluctuating schedule. Either way, when someone outside your home asks you something like “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?” or “Can you have lunch with me next week?” you have been handed a chance to mention your family worship. When planning an event with others, letting them know the event needs to be planned around your family worship time could lead to a gospel conversation.

Sojourners May Participate

As in the Old Testament when foreigners in Israel were exposed to all the Israelite religious ceremonies while they stayed “within the gates,” family, friends, and other acquaintances will be exposed to your family worship as they sojourn amongst you. I have seen this happen so many times in my home as guests have come to stay the night and I’ve told them, “We are going to worship Christ now as a family like we do every day. Would you like to join us?” Because we read and I teach the scripture during family worship, this has allowed me to preach the gospel to several guests in my home who it may have otherwise been awkward to wedge into our normal discourse. I trust that this practice has also had the effect of emboldening my wife and children, too!

It’s No Substitute Tho

One final thought is this. I think that Christians should regularly share the gospel. Having a time or two that you proclaim the gospel through family worship is not a substitute for intentional evangelism, but a supplement. But if you are doing no evangelism at all, ensuring you have a robust family worship plan will create opportunities, and I trust that the washing of yourself with God’s Word will compel you to open your mouth to tell someone about Christ soon enough, without the need for manmade compulsion.

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