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Book Review — Spurgeon’s Quotes–The Definitive Collection

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Click the link and use code straighttruth to save 40% off this book. A great gift for the preacher in your life or just for exploring the mind & heart of the Prince of Preachers!

This 624 page beast of a reference book is a must for the desk of every man who prepares to preach. Charles Spurgeon, the great 19th-century preacher is one of the most quotable men in the history of Christianity. Read what John MacArthur says about this desk reference:

… no author I have ever read is as quotable as Spurgeon. His published sermons as well as his books are a fertile source for ideas, expressions, illustrations, and axioms that help make biblical truth clear. I have on my shelves several anthologies of Spurgeon quotations. But none is as exhaustive, as carefully assembled, or as useful as this massive collection … —Dr. John MacArthur

What Is It?

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834–1892) is the most widely read and extensively quoted preacher in Christian history. Sixty-three volumes of Spurgeon’s sermons and thirty additional books totaling more than 40,000 pages of his writings have been read and extracts carefully selected for this book. Here is Spurgeon, unabridged, and in his own words, in over 5,000 of his best quotations, anecdotes, and maxims—listed under more than 1,000 topical headings. You will find heart-warming devotional reading, pungent quotations for preaching and teaching, sound biblical wisdom and guidance in this volume—the largest collection ever assembled.

(from Kress Biblical Resources website)

This book is divided into three sections. Section one contains material of general interest, section two is for preaching, teachers, and ministry leaders, and there is a third section which is a brief selection of quotes applicable to soul-winning.

How To Use It

Sermon Prep

This handy guide was compiled by a pastor and for pastors. Spurgeon’s ability to strike to the heart of a topic with poetic phrases has captivated Christians for a century and a half already…and no doubt will continue until Jesus returns. Use this book to quickly find quotations by Spurgeon while prepping your Sunday sermon or Sunday school lesson. The book is alphabetized by the index of topics so it’s easy to quickly find quotes about “crucifixion of Jesus Christ,” “philosophy,” or “signs.”

Each quote is meticulously attributed to its original source, as well.

You will philosophise men into hell, but never into heaven. (sermon 3496, page 45)

Church Bulletin or Website

Another easy way to get amazing benefit from this compilation is to pull a quote from the book each week to print in your church bulletin or to post on your website or church page on social media. These concise yet meaty quotes will cause your members to think and may even attract others to check out your church or website.

Our God not only hears prayer but also loves to hear it. (Morning & Evening 616)


With thousands of quotations, you can open this volume every morning and every night and just play the “turn to a random page and point your finger” game and find new gem after new gem for years. A great way to start an end a your day or to at least get some good thoughts into the minds of your busy family members.

Remember, anger is temporary insanity. (sermon 21, page 160)

Casual Reading

I would have never thought of doing this with a book of this type. But I left this book on an end table and one night I looked over at my stepdad who was visiting and he was just reading Spurgeon’s Quotes–The Definitive Collection one page at a time. So next time you want a little amusement, grab this book and let the mind of the Prince of Preachers entertain you while stimulating you theologically, as well.

It is not for long, Christian, it is not for long. They may laugh at you; every day, there is one day less for you to be laughed at. (sermon 2780, page 247)

Wholeheartedly Recommend

I completely and wholeheartedly recommend this volume. At $20 because of the 40% discount, you are getting a book that will save you time, bring you joy, and keep you from the petty and frequent distractions that an innocent internet search for a Spurgeon quote often yields. Keep it with your atlas, Bible dictionaries, and favorite commentaries, and refer to it often.

And buy one for a friend while you’re at it.

Purchase the book here. Use the code straighttruth for 40% off. And give the author a follow on Twitter @SpurgeonDotUS). He won’t disappoint—as long as he’s posting CHS quotes, that is. 🙂

Spurgeon, Charles Haddon. Spurgeon’s Quotes: The Definitive Collection. Edited by Kerry James Allen. The Woodlands, Texas: Kress, 2012.

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