Go, Therefore: Once a Day

“Go, Therefore” posts are quick tips to help Christians live lives of evangelism.

Do the Bare Minimum?

We all have busy schedules, but this cannot be an obstacle to taking part in the Great Commission. One way to begin to overcome excuses and fears in giving out the gospel is to set yourself a goal of sharing the gospel once a day. Assuming you aren’t doing it at all now, that would be a sweet improvement. If you already are giving out the gospel, maybe a good goal would be to do it one more time each day, or in a new way.

I titled the section “Do the Bare Minimum” but in reality, the bare minimum is to not give out the gospel at all. What I am really encouraging you to do is to start, but to start small. I think we have a tendency to bite off more than we can chew. Just as with New Year’s Resolutions, our resolve to give out the gospel to everyone we meet or everywhere we go quickly dwindles as our resolutions meet the practicality of real life. Small changes over time add up and simply committing to sharing the gospel once a day for many Christians would result in a lot more gospel proclamation.

But How?

Most of us have several times a week when we are interacting with people in one form or another. It may be someone at a gas station, a grocery bagger, your pizza delivery guy, a mailman, the list goes on. In most cases, we are quickly finalizing a transaction, signing a receipt and headed away. But if you would take the attitude that you need to first and foremost be looking for a chance to share the gospel, these chance providential encounters will take on new meaning to you. Look at each person you encounter as a soul who will spend eternity in Heaven or in Hell and pray that God would stir your heart for the lost.

Always have a tract on you. If you don’t have any, here are some that we like: http://thingsabove.us/our-tract/. Get your kids involved, too! They will quickly follow suit. Ray Comfort says he doesn’t go the store for milk. He goes to the store to share the gospel, and while he is there, he buys milk. Make that your attitude. Everywhere you go, go with the mindset that you are going to give the gospel to someone, and take care of your other, less important, business while you are there. And if you don’t go out that day, post the gospel on social media or email it to an old friend or family member who hasn’t heard it. Strive for at least once per day!

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