Go, Therefore: Praying Before Meals

“Go, Therefore” posts are quick tips to help Christians live lives of evangelism.

At a Restaurant

When you go to a restaurant to eat and pray publicly, folks around you will notice. Now this isn’t necessarily evangelism, but when we pray publicly, it does remind people about God. Don’t pray “just to be seen by others” (Matthew 6:5), but make it your regular practice to thank God for the food before you eat. Your peculiarity will be noticed and may be used of God to remind people to pray—or even to believe the gospel they once heard.

If you are at a restaurant where you encounter an employee, whether a hostess, server, or even a cashier at a fast-food type place, have the courage to say “We are about to pray for our meal. How can we pray for you today?” If they have a name tag, call them by name, or, if not, ask them their name first. This may be an open door to a spiritual conversation. You may even meet a brother or sister in the Lord with whom you can rejoice as well as pray for!

Either way, remember to pray for that person and their specific need!

With Coworkers or Friends

Do you ever go out to eat with coworkers, friends, or neighbors. Hopefully, you are in the regular habit of praying before your own meals, so ask them if they would mind if you prayed for the meal. Usually, your request will be welcomed with pleasure. If someone really doesn’t want you to pray, they will tell you. But most people will say, “sure,” and assume a prayer posture. This is a great chance to pray for things this person may not think of such as: thanks to God for the food, His Son who came to die for sinners but was raised on the third day, that all your words will be acceptable in His sight, etc.

Totally candid shot of a meeting.

If you are eating with someone you don’t know well, this is an easy way to steer the conversation to the spiritual. Trust me, they’ll divert it if they want to. Most people seem to appreciate and respect your wish to pray even if they don’t normally pray. And in some cases, it will open doors to speak further to them about the gospel.

One of the points here is that, for many of us, initiating a spiritual conversation with someone can be difficult or even awkward. Your regular habit of praying before your own meals (wherever you are and whomever you are with) lends itself to leading those around you into spiritual conversations without having to manufacture some connection or “cold call” them.

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2 thoughts on “Go, Therefore: Praying Before Meals”

  1. Great article. I pray with my girlfriend before every meal, and her teenage daughter is usually with us. Her daughter is extremely hardened and hateful towards Christianity, but praise God even something as simple as praying before a meal can be used! Her daughter has heard the gospel every single time I’ve prayed before a meal: usually something along the lines of, “Father, thank for this meal, but especially thank you for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins. Amen”

    I know I’m probably not doing it right and there are probably things I could do better, but praise God at least I’m doing it!


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