Children’s Book Review — The Man Who Preached Outside

The Man Who Preached Outside is a short depiction of the life of George Whitefield, the well-known itinerant preacher in the UK and USA. Your children will see George Whitefield heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to a crowd. A good idea will be to show the child the variety of responses Mr. Whitefield is getting from the crowd. Warning, they aren’t all positive! But this should give the opportunity to prepare your child for opposition should he or she come to saving faith.

You Must be Born Again: Make Regeneration Great Again

In God’s kind providence, it was a biblical understanding of the great doctrine of regeneration that birthed (I’m not sure if I’m intending the pun or not) the evangelical movement of the 18th century. Sadly, it is also a misunderstanding and underemphasis of this doctrine that has contributed to the unraveling of evangelicalism in the … Read more

A Short Recounting of George Whitefield’s Conversion

Before Lifeway, there was the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. In the Mid-20th Century, this board put out a series of studies for churches to use with their parishioners. One such study was called Soul-Winning Doctrines by J. Clyde Turner (1943). In his section on regeneration, he gives a short recounting of George Whitefield’s … Read more