The Reformed Christian and the Sovereignty of God

This is just a quick post highlighting some great quotes from Joel Beeke on the sovereignty of God. This is from his book Reformed Preaching. The quotes are found on pages 64 and 66. The reformed Christian believes that God is the Lord of life and Sovereign of the universe, whose will is the key to history. … Read more

A Curious Case of Providence

A couple of weeks ago, our team was ministering at Planned Parenthood. We had a group of five people, which is a nice team size, but two of the men were first-timers; that is, they had never been to an abortion clinic before for ministry. Nothing remarkable happened that day in regards to a “turn-away” (a … Read more

Meticulous Sovereignty

The (Apparent) Sovereignty Paradox The theologian Herman Bavinck once wrote, “Round about us we observe so many facts which seem to be unreasonable, so much undeserved suffering, so many unaccountable calamities, such an uneven and inexplicable distribution of destiny, and such an enormous contrast between the extremes of joy and sorrow, that anyone reflecting on … Read more

When God Brings the Sun Burn

Here’s an old sermon outline that I touched up for a blog post. It’s from Jonah 4:5-11. It has to do with God’s patient providential work in Jonah’s life. Let’s consider God’s providence together today: Prevailing Providence First, consider the word ‘appointed’ in Jonah 4:6-8. God is in full control of His universe, isn’t He? … Read more

When Providence goes Viral

I wrote this post while there were still quite a few unknowns about COVID-19. President Trump had just declared a National Emergency. Local schools began closing all over the world. The NCAA canceled important sporting events and subsequently all spring sports. And most tragically, many presumably unconverted people entered into eternity. This post does not … Read more

Ecclesiastes: Not About Vanity, But Enjoying Life

I know. It’s a bit provocative to say that Ecclesiastes is not about vanity. But it is true. Well, let’s just say that it’s partially true. However, not in a deceptive way. But in an incomplete way. The kind of partial truth where you are only seeing the small details developing into the bigger picture. … Read more