When God Turns His Back On You…

Here is a sincere question from a person who is struggling with her faith: “Why does it seem like when people need God the most he turns his back on them?” Here is my answer to that question: When God Turned Away Let me preface it by saying it’s gonna seem like a non-answer, but … Read more

Draw Near to God – Part 3

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. This is James 4:8a and what we’ve been looking at together over the last couple of posts. In this final post, we want to look at how to obey this verse and what we are doing when we don’t obey this verse. How to … Read more

Draw Near to God – Part 2

We’ve been talking about James 4:8. Last time we looked at how this verse is a command, a commitment, and a comfort. In this post, we want to continue to think rightly about the truth we receive from this great verse. Scripture is God’s self-revelation to man. And this verse reveals 3 key things to … Read more

Draw Near to God – Part 1

In preaching through the book of James at Perryville Second Baptist Church, we inevitably came upon James 4:8. Funny thing about preaching through books of the Bible is that you just so happen to cover every verse in a particular book! I think this particular verse is one of the most important verses in all … Read more