When the Gospel takes Root

The following is an excerpt from my book, From Death to Life: How Salvation Works (you can order this at our shop here at ThingsAbove): Affections, Actions, and Attitudes Here’s a helpful alliteration to assist in discerning whether or not the gospel has actually taken root in a person’s heart: affections, actions, and attitudes. Essentially, all … Read more

How to Obey God

True believers are actually being made holy by the power of God. The work of Christ didn’t just purchase a legal declaration but also a practical application of holiness. This is another blessing the believer possesses in Christ. J.C. Ryle elaborates: The Lord Jesus has undertaken everything that His people’s souls require: not only to … Read more

From Death to Life – Third Printing Pre-Sale

Sometime in May of 2020, From Death to Life: How Salvation Works ran out of its second printing! At that point, we were in the process of buying a home so I wasn’t able to put the upfront cost down on buying a 3rd printing. But, things have changed in 2021 and we are now ready to … Read more

The Sinner’s Prayer

The following is an excerpt from my book From Death to Life: How Salvation Works The Reality In too many churches, we’ve essentially equated saying the right words to God as a third ordinance: Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and the Sinner’s Prayer. Once this prayer is recited, it’s a done deal and no matter what … Read more

Living Things Grow

The following is an excerpt from my book, From Death to Life: How Salvation Works. You can check out ordering information at our store. Living Things Grow When the gospel penetrates our hearts and changes our affections for Christ it will show in our outward behavior. Show me a person who loves football, and I’ll … Read more

Ep. 024 | Kofi Interview — TAU Roundtable

Michael interviews Kofi regarding his sermon, Hebrews 12: Cross Purchased Discipline. This discussion will edify saints as you get the benefit of the hours of study which was put in before the Cruciform Conference in Indianapolis. Also, we hear about Kofi’s church’s upcoming ministry events. Please visit https://gccroguevalley.org/ to learn more about Grace Community Church … Read more

Suicide Thoughts

Thus, we need to be careful when we are talking about folks who committed suicide. Too often I think we skirt around the issue of calling it sin, or even murder. Most people who commit suicide do it as the result of some sort of depression and I think we almost excuse it a little in our minds. It seems rather callous to call a guy who was so depressed he took his own life a murderer. But truth is worthless if it is hidden (Matthew 5:15).

Ep. 022 | Getting Apostasy Right — TAU Roundtable

Michael, Tim, and George discuss the New Covenant promise of the perseverance of the saints and Tim’s article “Choked Out by Thorns.” How are we to think about folks who fall away like Joshua Harris or Marty Sampson? What assurance can a Christian have in this life that they will truly be preserved to the end?

What steps can someone take to make their calling and election sure and watch out for their brethren?

Ep. 021 | Getting the New Covenant Right — TAU Roundtable

Michael and George discuss the New Covenant. This covenant is unmixed, unbreakable and unconditional. This is the first in a series where we will define the New Covenant, discuss its implications, apply it to the Christian life, and then contrast it to errors that ensue when getting the New Covenant wrong. Scripture references: Jeremiah 31:31-34; … Read more

From Death to Life – Another Guest Review

Grateful to put up another review of From Death to Life: How Salvation Works. This one comes from Jeffrey Perry from Landis, NC. Jeffrey led his youth group through a study on this book and has graciously shared his insight below. I asked him to share because I really think this book is useful for men’s … Read more

From Death to Life Review (Guest Post)

I am grateful to my Twitter friend, @PJ_Mills15. for writing this review of the book and small group curriculum for From Death to Life! We had the opportunity to meet at the 2018 G3 Conference. For all the headache Twitter can bring, it has also brought about many wonderful connections for me. P.J.’s thoughts on the … Read more