Review: The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible

The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible is an excellent resource for parents of small children! Positive Review This book is THICK and HEAVY. The pages are strong, able to withstand the awkward turning of toddler hands, which is essential for a book for small children. Each page is a full color illustration. The book is divided … Read more

Getting a Bible to Kenya

This is a story of God’s sovereignty and meticulous care over His people. Most Christians affirm that God is always watching over us, His eye is on the sparrow, and the hairs of our heads are all counted. I hope that this story will bring you to praise and worship our loving Creator and Savior. … Read more

The Urgency of Scripture Memorization

These are just a few of the excuses I’ve heard, and I don’t buy any of them. Scripture memorization being difficult for you is all the more reason you should strive to do it! And I don’t think it’s an unnecessary or legalistic yoke to place on you, as the Scripture itself is full of references which can only be rightly interpreted as requiring memorization. How do you expect to meditate on God’s Word day and night if you don’t have it in your heart? How shall a young man keep his way pure when he encounters temptation? Jesus quoted Scripture from memory in the wilderness, let him be your example.

On the Election of Infants – Part 2

Earlier, we reviewed four of the six reasonable categories (Click here to read Part 1) one can fall in concerning their belief about the election of infants. Many folks have argued whether babies go to Heaven for centuries. For the sake of ease of writing, I will use the term “infants” to describe those “who … Read more

On the Election of Infants – Part 1

What Happens When a Baby Dies? Many folks have argued whether babies go to Heaven for centuries. Instead of putting forth an argument, per se, I want to summarize what the possible positions one can take would be, and at least try to eliminate the ones that seem absurd, while explaining some of the implications … Read more

How to Evangelize a City

How would you go about evangelizing a city? What are some strategic ideas for reaching God’s elect in the town where God has placed you or your church? Photo by malcolm lightbody on Unsplash The Foundation According to Romans 10:13–17 (and the rest of the Bible), it is God’s Word which men and women everywhere must hear and … Read more

3 Things Christian Men Should Stop Calling Their Wives

When we write or speak, we are communicating thoughts, and those thoughts either reflect biblical orthodoxy or they do not. Carelessness in speech, although not criminal, is still an outpouring of a heart that isn’t really striving for godliness (Matthew 12:36–37). Here’s a list of three things I hear men say or see them write … Read more

Recent Racist Rhetoric Reflections

Hot Take My take on the recent rhetoric about race. There really is evil in the world in the form of racism. Like abortion, some Christians are on the front lines fighting that evil as the outworking of their faith in Christ. This is a good thing. Some Christians are victims‪ of racism as well. … Read more

Sad Facts About Racism

Try to picture this in your mind. It’s February 29, 2016. John Connell was stopping at the grocery store to pick up a few items. Seeing a lady exiting the store as he was about to enter, John rushes to the door and opens it for her. Bad move, John! The lady walks through the … Read more

Run to Him

My older son was outside playing basketball down the street. He had stopped to wave at me as I drove past him on my way home from work. I walked in the door of my house and looked around. My wife was in the kitchen putting the final touches on dinner, and my youngest daughter was upstairs working on schoolwork. Our middle son was engrossed in whatever had his attention. But the moment that struck me was when the baby looked up from his blocks and realized his daddy was home.

For everyone else, it was business as usual. But for Michael Robert (not a jr), seeing me walk in the door was enough to stop him from everything he was doing. He instantly dropped what was in his hands and ran straight to me. It didn’t bother him that there were obstacles (he didn’t even try to avoid them), and whatever fun activity had his attention was quickly forgotten. He was singularly focused on making his way to his daddy for a hug and kiss.

So What’s the Problem

My heart was filled with joy. I thought, what a gift it was for God to give my son such love for me! But my joy quickly turned to sorrow as I realized how infrequently I ran to my Heavenly Father in the same way. Why is it so easy for me to push away urges to pray or read the Scripture, and instead focus on whatever earthly task is before me? How many times had my Father in Heaven stood at a metaphorical door and simply looked on as I continued in my personal pursuit, rather than run to Him as my son ran to me that day?

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I Can Only Imagine – Official Movie Review

If you told me that somewhere in a secret lab a group of scientists spliced the DNA of Sean Astin (Rudy, Amazing Love) and combined it with DNA from Kevin James (King of Queens, Kevin Can Wait) in order to create J. Michael Finley, the main character of I Can Only Imagine, I would not … Read more