On the Election of Infants – Part 1

What Happens When a Baby Dies?

Many folks have argued whether babies go to Heaven for centuries. Instead of putting forth an argument, per se, I want to summarize what the possible positions one can take would be, and at least try to eliminate the ones that seem absurd, while explaining some of the implications of the views that are at least “in play.” For the sake of ease of writing, I will use the term “infants” to describe those “who are incapable of being outwardly called by the ministry of the Word.” (1689 LBCF 10.3)1

We are discussing this within what would be considered a reformed/Calvinist viewpoint. It is assumed we are in agreement regarding concepts such as the doctrine of election and the sovereignty of God. If you fall outside that camp, then this post will not apply to you. When I discuss the election of infants herein, I are never ascribing to them a righteousness of their own by which they find favor with God. I am positing in every case that the only way an infant is justified before a holy God is to have the stain of Adam’s (and any of their own) sin washed by the blood of Jesus Christ as a gift of grace.

When we have this in-house discussion, we are usually arguing over the means by which God reaches His elect, and whether the preaching of the Word and subsequent hearing is God’s only means of saving His elect. We will dig into this further as we explore the different logical options.

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