Time to Cut the 20 Minute Sermon

Our pastor had recently left for another church and I was taking over a lot of the preaching duties in our local congregation. One afternoon the phone rang in my Youth Pastor’s study. The conversation went something like this: “Hello?” A lady from our church on the other line: “Yes, I want to talk to … Read more

8 Marriage Principles from Ruth 3:10-18 – Part 3

In Ruth 2, Ruth spends a day of hard labor gleaning in the field of Boaz to provide for her and Naomi. Charles Spurgeon once preached a whole sermon on Ruth 2:15 and the importance of spiritual gleaning. What we’ve been doing over the course of 3 blogposts now is gleaning from God’s Word. We’ve … Read more

8 Practical Thoughts on Corporate Singing

Pastoral duties, coaching little league baseball, and working to finish both the From Death to Life book and small group study guide have kept me from writing as much as I would like to as of late. Today, however, I was reading Psalm 100 and had some thoughts about corporate singing that I would like to share … Read more

3 Reasons not to Baptize Young Children

A 2014 Christianity Today article highlighted a growing trend in the SBC of baptizing children age 5 and under. From my personal observation and discussions among other Southern Baptists, I have no reason to believe this practice is slowing down in 2018. It is my desire in this post to hopefully help us curb this … Read more

From Death to Life – Endorsements

To order the book click here. One of the things about being an unknown author is that some people wonder if it’s worth the investment of their time and money to purchase your book. Is this guy a heretic? Will his book even make sense? Is it a worthwhile read? This is why I’ve reached … Read more

Paul, Apostle of Christ – Official Movie Review

Paul, Apostle of Christ still image

Well, there are a couple of firsts surrounding this post. I had never ‘prescreened’ a movie before. I have never written an official movie review before. That’s all changed now, thanks to the new movie set to release on March 23, 2018 Paul, Apostle of Christ. I have tried my absolute best to not give away any … Read more

Make Sunday Less Spectacular

The ushers were friendlier than I expected as we came through the front door. We weren’t exactly sure where to go after that, but we sort of just followed the crowd until we found our seats. We chit-chatted with those around us as we waited for everything to start. I wasn’t sure how many people … Read more