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One of the things about being an unknown author is that some people wonder if it’s worth the investment of their time and money to purchase your book. Is this guy a heretic? Will his book even make sense? Is it a worthwhile read?

This is why I’ve reached out to a few well-known people and asked them to write endorsements for From Death to Life: How Salvation Works. Here is a compilation of those endorsements. You can click each name to learn a little bit more about the endorser if you don’t recognize the name (you won’t know them all!).

It is my hope that perhaps after reading through these, you will decide to read this book. I am humbled and encouraged by those who wrote an endorsement for me.

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“Allen Nelson understands and explains the gospel in a way that enlightens the new believer, encourages the mature Christian, and excites the theologian. The beauty of From Death to Life is found in its confidence in the sufficiency of the Gospel. It does not need our help; we need its power! Allen rightly contends that nothing is more inconsistent than proclamation with manipulation. His persistent, unrelenting insistence on the sufficiency of the Word of God preached in reliance on the Holy Spirit makes me yearn for my next opportunity to preach.”

Hershael W. York
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Victor & Louise Lester Professor of Preaching

“There is nothing in the world more important than the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our primary message to be preached; it is the only message that saves. Over and over again, the Bible stresses the absolute necessity of getting this right, as well as the danger of getting it wrong. In his book, From Death to Life, Allen Nelson expresses and exposits the biblical gospel. With an earnest heart and ironclad conviction, he contends for the faith, refutes easy-believism, and takes his stand on the Word of God.”

Nate Pickowicz
Pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Gilmanton, NH and author of Reviving New England and Why We’re Protestant

“Allen Nelson calls us back to the true gospel in his book on salvation. His burden in this book is to see sinners who are truly saved by God’s grace in Christ. If we go astray in our theology of conversion, then our churches may be filled with members who aren’t truly believers, and both the church and the world suffer from the anemia present in such churches. Nelson explains what salvation truly is, reminding us that salvation is of the Lord. I gladly recommend this book for pastors and all who desire to understand the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Tom Schreiner
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Professor of Biblical Theology (1997); Associate Dean of the School of Theology

From Death to Life is a beautiful, biblical explanation of what truly happens when a person is saved by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. The clarity of this writing can lead people to a much deeper understanding of what happens when this takes place in a believer’s life, not only at the moment of conversion but also in the time following until the Lord calls us home. I pray this will be of great value as you seek a better understanding of this most important doctrine of salvation.”

Kallem Hill
Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Oppelo, AR

“Allen loves the gospel and the church, and he longs to see people truly converted to Christ. And yet his heart breaks for the many false converts who have been ‘made’ through unbiblical words and methods. In this book, he’s not calling us to anything innovative—and that’s exactly the point. I hear him pleading, ‘Enough with the language and practices that have done so much damage and led to so little disciple-making!’ He reminds us of what has always been and will always be God’s way for someone to be saved. The result is a book that thoroughly explains the doctrine of salvation in words that are Scriptural and understandable (you’ll love his illustrations!). I commend it strongly because if we embrace this book’s tenets, we’ll see people legitimately and lastingly converted to Jesus Christ.”

Steve Burchett
Assistant to the president, Christian Communicators Worldwide,

“I’ve seen in Allen Nelson a passion for souls, which shows up in an intense desire to make Jesus Christ’s saving message plainly known to everyone he can reach. From Death to Life: How Salvation Works makes every key gospel theme clear and, with God’s blessing, will be a real eye-opener, not only to many who have not yet heard the gospel, but to a multitude of churchgoers who think they know it but have missed these indispensable root-of-the-matter issues. It’s a book that will also greatly sharpen any new believer’s grasp of our great salvation.”

Dennis Gundersen
Grace Bible Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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