Lifemark: Movie Review and Giveaway!

Synopsis David’s comfortable world is turned upside down when his birthmother unexpectedly reaches out to him, longing to meet the 18-year-old son she’s only held once. With the encouragement of his adoptive parents, David embarks on a journey of discovery that leads to a staggering truth from his past. From executive producers Kirk Cameron and … Read more

Family Camp – (guest) Movie Review

Family Camp I’ve been on every major production company’s list of “Christian” bloggers for over a decade so when I heard about Family Camp, I was interested because the Skit Guys had made some good content years ago. But when I watched the trailer I was annoyed within 30 seconds. I endured the whole trailer … Read more

Uncle Tom (movie review)

Uncle Tom Movie Review From An Oral History of the American Black Conservative In a collection of intimate interviews with some of America’s most provocative black conservative thinkers, Uncle Tom takes a different look at being black in America. What’s It All About? Uncle Tom is a series of interviews in a documentary-style format … Read more

I Still Believe: Official Movie Review (No Spoilers)

I Still Believe Jeremy Camp is a singer and songwriter who is popular in the Contemporary Christian Music scene. I believe his music is more Christ-centered and explicitly Christian than most of what is produced in the 21st century under the heading of “Christian.” To my knowledge, he hasn’t disqualified himself or brought public reproach … Read more

I Still Believe: Coming Soon

We will be hosting a giveaway contest and posting a review of the movie I Still Believe (about Jeremy Camp) soon on the blog. Jeremy Camp is a Christian singer whose music made an impact on me when I was a new Christian. I know some of the details of his story, and I am … Read more

Giveaway and Review: The Pilgrim’s Progress

Movie Review I count it a great privilege that bloggers are asked to review movies and books. It gives me an opportunity to preview things before the general public, and in many cases, I probably wouldn’t spend the money, so it allows me to enjoy something I otherwise wouldn’t enjoy. Stay with me for my … Read more

Little Women — Movie Review

Little Women, a modern adaptation of the classic Louisa May Alcott story opens in theaters, Friday, September 28. I believe I was quite privileged to receive a pre-view of this film and recommend that you see it also, with a few caveats. A Story Brilliant storytelling is not easy. In the history of the world, … Read more

I Can Only Imagine – Official Movie Review

If you told me that somewhere in a secret lab a group of scientists spliced the DNA of Sean Astin (Rudy, Amazing Love) and combined it with DNA from Kevin James (King of Queens, Kevin Can Wait) in order to create J. Michael Finley, the main character of I Can Only Imagine, I would not … Read more

Paul, Apostle of Christ – Official Movie Review

Paul, Apostle of Christ still image

Well, there are a couple of firsts surrounding this post. I had never ‘prescreened’ a movie before. I have never written an official movie review before. That’s all changed now, thanks to the new movie set to release on March 23, 2018 Paul, Apostle of Christ. I have tried my absolute best to not give away any … Read more

Paul, Apostle of Christ – Movie Review

Paul, Apostle of Christ still image

Update (26 March 2018): The review is now out! —GPO Due to a something called a “film embargo,” I have been asked to temporarily remove this review until the film releases March 28. I have never been involved in movie pre-screenings so I wasn’t even aware of this practice! I will say this: A lot of … Read more