From Death to Life – Third Printing Pre-Sale

Sometime in May of 2020, From Death to Life: How Salvation Works ran out of its second printing! At that point, we were in the process of buying a home so I wasn’t able to put the upfront cost down on buying a 3rd printing. But, things have changed in 2021 and we are now ready to do this again! The third printing will be the same as the 2nd, but with a few minor updates.

I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has supported me during this process. The book has physically sold 1200 copies and about 1300 digital copies. It is endorsed by faithful brothers like Nate Pickowicz and Tom Schreiner (see all endorsements and amazon reviews – you can also read a review at Founders Ministry or Michelle Lesley’s site). I didn’t know what to expect in writing my first book, but I am humbled and encouraged by the whole process. I am tremendously grateful to Free Grace Press and their willingness to work with an unknown author. They are putting out some excellent material and I hope to be able to work with them more in the future. I am not going to offer physical copies anymore on Amazon. You’ll have to check here at ThingsAbove or the Free Grace Press site to order in the future.

The Sale

Because ordering another printing is such a big upfront cost, I am going to offer books deeply discounted from now through February 1st, 2021. I anticipate being able to mail books out on the week of February 15. However, be aware that due to shipping delays and all that that date could be pushed back a bit.

Once the 3rd printing is complete, individual copies of From Death to Life will be $13.99 on ThingsAbove. Here are the pre-order sale prices. Keep in mind that these prices include the shipping costs! Click this link for ordering and enter the code.

  • 1 – $9.99 (28% off) – Enter code: FDTL
  • 3 – $25 (40% off) – Enter code: FDTL3
  • 10 – $70 (50% off) – Enter code: FDTL10
  • 100 – $419.70 (70% off) – Enter code: FDTL100

If you need a quantity that it is not listed above please feel free to DM me on Twitter and we will work something out! If you are running a conference or would like to offer a book to every member of your church, I want to help you any way I can.

If you’d like to order both From Death to Life and Before the Throne I will give the FDTL discount and an additional 20% discount off of Before the Throne. You’ll have to DM me to let me know you’re interested in that. If you do not use twitter, contact me on this page.


If you are a blogger or podcaster and would like a free review copy feel free to contact me at the above Twitter DM link. If you do not use twitter, contact me on this page.

Thank You

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who has been such an encouragement with this book. Lord willing, this will not be the final printing! I also have a couple of other manuscripts in the works right now and I hope to be able to publish a new book in 2021. However, my priority is finishing my M.Div at Grace Bible Theological Seminary which I am on track to complete in May of 2021.

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