Book Review: Walking In Christ by Jared Baergen

Author Jared Baergen is a Bears and Cubs fan living in Wisconsin. He’s a serving member (Bible teacher) at Racine Bible Church and an online student at The Master’s University. I met Jared in 2012 as part of a fellowship a mutual friend was holding on Google hangouts. We fell out of touch and so a few months ago when Jared asked me to review his new book, I confess I wasn’t excited at all. I never had anything again him, we just weren’t really “friends” any longer in a meaningful sense and I get a lot of requests like that.

All I can say is, WOW AM I GLAD I CHANGED MY MIND. I always knew Jared was an excellent communicator of Christian truth, so I wasn’t worried about the book being “bad,” but I couldn’t imagine it would be as splendid as it IS. You can skip the review if you like and buy the book now by clicking the image. I COMPLETELY recommend it. This book is a wonderful introduction to the foundations of the Christian life. It’s helpful to a new person to the faith or anyone looking to get back to basics. I found the format useful for personal reading or group or family devotion. The book’s theology is spectacular while remaining readable for even young teens.


Part One

Walking In Christ is divided into 3 parts and 8 chapters. Part 1 (2 chapters) centers on the beginning of “walking in Christ” by first explaining how to receive Christ and then stressing the importance of walking in Christ and defining those terms. The author’s own conversion story motivated him to begin the book with a clear presentation of the necessity of conversion for any of the rest of the book to be useful to the reader.

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Part Two

Part two contains 5 chapters titled

  • Communing with Christ
  • Depending on Christ
  • Living like Christ
  • Persevering in Christ
  • Looking at Christ
Jared and Sarah Baergen
Jared and Sarah Baergen

These five chapters are the meat of the book. Each chapter is divided into nicely outlined sections. Each chapter is well-defined—for example, what it means to commune with Christ is clearly stated. These virtues are explained from the Bible with motivations and practical applications. What I mean is this, Baergen doesn’t just tell you in some esoteric fashion to “commune with Christ” or “Depend on Christ.”

He tells you what it means to commune with Christ; he explains why we must commune with Christ; finally, he details how to commune with Christ. The Christian life isn’t formulaic per se, but there are definite guidelines provided in Scripture and Baergen pulls these out and breaks them down beautifully for the reader. I also agree with the author on the presented order of these exhortations—as they build on one another nicely.

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Part Three

Part three is a single chapter titled “Maturing in Christ.” This chapter explains many of the benefits of walking in Christ and the effects that believers should see as they are “sanctified.” A Spurgeon sermon on 1 Peter 2:7 is included along with a scripture index and bibliography at the end of the book.

Final Thoughts

Overal the actual physical quality of the book is very nice. The cover art and feel are aesthetic and functional. I texted Jared when I received a review copy that If I ever published a book I’d consider the same printer. The book was free of typos, meticulously foot-noted, and glorifying to Christ. I cannot recommend it more. At 16.99, it’s worth a lot more than a movie ticket or a couple of combo meals.

To listen to an interview I did with the author, click here: Baergen Interview – Michael Coughlin

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