Book Review: Walking In Christ by Jared Baergen

Author Jared Baergen is a Bears and Cubs fan living in Wisconsin. He’s a serving member (Bible teacher) at Racine Bible Church and an online student at The Master’s University. I met Jared in 2012 as part of a fellowship a mutual friend was holding on Google hangouts. We fell out of touch and so … Read more

A Life of Fear and Trembling

The following in an excerpt from my book, Before the Throne: Reflections on God’s Holiness. You can check out ordering information at our store. A Life of Fear and Trembling There are many ways to describe the Christian life. It can be said that the Christian life is one of joy. It can be called a life … Read more

Next Pitch

It’s springtime and that means Baseball season in America. I thought I’d share an analogy today from baseball for the Christian life. A couple of years ago I had the joy of coaching my sons’ baseball team which consisted of mainly 9-year-old boys (the exception being my middle son who was 7 at the time). … Read more