Before the Throne: Cover Reveal and Book Update

I am excited to show off Stephen J. Melniszyn’s work on my next book, Before the Throne: Reflections on God’s Holiness. Stephen is a talented brother and sound in his theology. This makes working with him a great joy! Before we get to the cover, here is a synopsis of the book.


R.C. Sproul, A.W. Tozer, and Stephen Charnock, now all with the Lord, are among faithful men who penned classic works on God’s holiness. Others throughout church history, like Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Jonathan Edwards, preached powerfully on the glory and majesty of our great and holy God. In Before the Throne: Reflections on God’s Holiness, Pastor Allen Nelson presents to us the timeless truths of the holiness of God from a 21st-century perspective in an attempt to warm modern readers’ hearts toward the awesomeness of the triune God. Standing on the shoulders of a long line of faithful men, and fastened securely upon Holy Writ, Nelson helps us explore the immensity of God’s holiness and how it affects absolutely everything about us. Prepare to worship.



And now, (insert drumroll) without further ado, here’s the cover:

An Update on the Process

For me, writing is much more enjoyable than the publishing process. I’m still waiting on some folks that might be willing to endorse (those are awkward emails to send!). I’ve also got to work on securing funds for printing and the like (look for a presale soon! Or, go buy a copy of From Death to Life). So, it’s difficult to say when the release date will be for this book. I actually began this book in 2016 before I wrote From Death to Life. But, I’m thankful providence has worked this way as I believe this book is much better than it would have been had I rushed to finish it.

The book itself is a little longer in word count than From Death to Life. Each chapter features a set of questions and verses at the end for families to use during devotions or to be used in a small group/Sunday school setting. It is written similarly to my last book in that it is accessible to believers of all educational backgrounds. I don’t consider myself some great writer that you have to read. But I do hope what I’ve written is a help to any believer willing to read it, and perhaps even for future generations as well.

So, if you’re so inclined, you can pray for these things. Above all, I hope to encourage and challenge readers to think rightly about God. It is my hope that perhaps the Lord will use this work in the hearts and lives of others to grow in their awe and love of God.


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