Arminian Hopelessness: STTA!

Something To Think About!

The Arminian doctrine which denies the perseverance of the saints (in order that man’s “free-will” may remain sovereign and autonomous) is detestable to the people of God. A God who would hold you in His bosom against your own will is not a God that the unregenerate mind can worship. Free-willers and Arminians have even used the analogy that a God who would interrupt the course of your best judgment and your will—in order to save you from your sin—is most comparable to a rapist. This errant view of God is obviously despicable—and intentionally crude.

Now I want you to think about this view of salvation which says that God will respect “man’s decisions” and thus allow saints to fall away from saving faith in Christ. How often have you (even in momentary anger or depression), entertained faithless thoughts? Have those thoughts ever evolved into serious doubt about God’s goodness and grace toward you? If so, there is a way in which you’ve stopped exercising faith and would be reprobate by the logical conclusion of the free-will gospel. What a horrid thought that God would abandon His children during their time of weakness!

Finally, what about dear Christian saints whose flesh has failed them near the end and they suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or something that affects their ability to actually hold dearly to the faith they once professed? Have you met a person who near the end of their life seemed confused and unfaithful—possibly as the result of a disease that has ravaged their brain to the point where they can no longer communicate the gospel or exhibit faith? The “free-will-respecting” God must not hold a person like that tightly to Himself until the Last Day! He must respect any decision they make regarding salvation, no matter how foolish and perverted by failing flesh it is! What a tragedy!

Thankfully, God is not like that!

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