From Death to Life: How Salvation Works – Foreword

Today’s post is from the foreword of From Death to Life: How Salvation WorksYou can click the link to order from Amazon (Paperback or Kindle version available) or just go here for bulk order pricing. There is also a free 9-Week Small Group Study you can get by clicking here (or I can email you the Word.doc so you can edit). I am deeply grateful for Pastor Jeff Johnson’s work in writing this foreword and for publishing the book with Free Grace Press.  Check out more endorsements here. The following are Jeff Johnson’s words:

Foreword by Jeffrey Johnson

Sadly, too many people think salvation is obtained by a simple decision to “accept Jesus into one’s heart.” Salvation, they think, is secured by either praying the sinner’s prayer, or by walking the aisle during the invitation. Assurance of salvation can be had, so they sadly think, once this decision is made.

Sadly, too many churches have little to no concern about false assurance. Once someone has made a decision to follow Jesus, the matter has been eternally settled. Thus, it is very rare for churches to urge their members to “make their calling and election sure”[1] and to prompt people “to work our their salvation with fear and trembling.”[2] Churches are often afraid that such warnings could upset the congregation by undermining their assurance. Such promptings may even cause parents and grandparents to question the salvation of their wayward children and grand-children.

Sadly, too many professing Christians only want to be told nice things and be reassured of their salvation. When in doubt, reassurance can be had by looking back to the moment that they decided to give their lives to Christ and follow Him in baptism.

Sadly, too many people, too many churches, and too many professing Christians have a false assurance of salvation. Sadly, too many professing Christians don’t know that they are unprepared to meet God.[3] They don’t know they are in grave danger because they don’t know what salvation is, what salvation does, and how salvation works. Sadly, their false understanding of salvation has lead to a false assurance of salvation.

Thankfully, Allen Nelson has provided a helpful corrective to a false understanding of salvation and to the false assurance that often follows. Thankfully, false assurance can be turned into true assurance for all those who have true faith in Christ Jesus and have an understanding of the true nature of salvation. Thankfully, From Death to Life: How Salvation Works does just that—it explains the true nature of salvation. Because this is a wonderful little book that every professing Christian needs to read, I am thankful for the opportunity and the privilege to recommend it to all.

Jeffrey D. Johnson
Grace Bible Church
Conway, AR

[1] 2 Peter 1:10

[2] Philippians 2:12

[3] Matthew 7:21

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