From Death to Life – Another Guest Review

Grateful to put up another review of From Death to Life: How Salvation Works. This one comes from Jeffrey Perry from Landis, NC. Jeffrey led his youth group through a study on this book and has graciously shared his insight below. I asked him to share because I really think this book is useful for men’s groups, women’s groups, Sunday school classes, and yes, even youth groups! If you’re interested in purchasing a copy or two or if you want the free small group study guide, go here.

Below is Jeffrey’s review:

“There’s only one thing that has the potential to bring lasting change to our lives, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:16).

The issue that many of us face is that the culture that we are living in, is becoming more and more illiterate to what the gospel is, and in turn what salvation looks like in the life of a believer.

Dealing with youth in the “Bible Belt” the damage can be seen firsthand. Here everyone that you talk with is ‘saved’ but have a fundamental misunderstanding on what salvation. This has turned each of these individuals into a performance-based, moralistic churchgoer at best.

Enter From Death to Life: This book has brought some much-needed gospel clarity into the picture in an extremely easy to understand format.

We were able to take advantage of this, and along with the study guide, and bring an engaging, and enjoyable discussion on what salvation is, and how it works in our lives.
This has given our students a clear understanding of what the gospel is and fostered a desire for not only spiritual growth but also a zeal for evangelism.

I can’t put into words how highly I would recommend From Death to Life for your small group, or discipleship programs.”

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