A Guide to Family Worship

I did not grow up in a Christian family, so family worship was not something that was modeled for me when I was growing up. Additionally, my first decade as a Christian didn’t include a lot of teaching or discussion on the topic of family worship. So a few years ago when I became convinced … Read more

8 Practical Thoughts on Corporate Singing

Pastoral duties, coaching little league baseball, and working to finish both the From Death to Life book and small group study guide have kept me from writing as much as I would like to as of late. Today, however, I was reading Psalm 100 and had some thoughts about corporate singing that I would like to share … Read more

Make Sunday Less Spectacular

The ushers were friendlier than I expected as we came through the front door. We weren’t exactly sure where to go after that, but we sort of just followed the crowd until we found our seats. We chit-chatted with those around us as we waited for everything to start. I wasn’t sure how many people … Read more